Root Canal Treatment (Endodonti)

   All root canal treatments in DENTAWORLD dental clinic are performed by our highly qualified Endodonti expert along with our other experts in order to make the best treatment plan.

   Root canal treatment is the treatment that is performed in order to contribute to the decay, trauma, fracture and sometimes prosthetic situations that occur in the tooth. This treatment involves removing the tissue that provides the vitality of the teeth, which is defined as pulp tissue by the endodontics specialist doctor in our clinic, washing and cleaning, shaping with special instruments and filling them with Root filling materials that are compatible with the dental tissue. Ideal root canal treatment can be completed in one session, as well as in cases where the inflammatory condition in the root is of advanced size 2-3 sessions may continue.












Root Canal Treatment


The outer layer of the tooth, below the enamel and inside the denture, is called pulp tissue. The pulp of the tooth contains nerve fibers, while it also consists of veins, arteries, lymphatic vessels, and binding tissues. Each tooth nerve begins at the ends of its roots. From here, the nerve extends from the small root canals towards the center of the root, connecting to the ring of the tooth. More than 95% of root canal treatments are successful.

   Why I feel pain when there is a root canal problem?
  If the pulp of the tooth becomes infected or inflamed due to a deep decay or fracture, the blood supply to the tooth may be cut off and the pulp of the tooth may die. Damaged or dead self causes increased blood flow and activity of dental cells. The pressure inside the tooth, which cannot be relieved, can be increased by biting, chewing or consuming hot or cold foods and drinks.

   Why I have to receive proper treatment?
  This infection, without treatment, can spread and lead to a breakdown of the tooth around the bones that will most likely lead to teeth falling.

   What is a Root canal treatment?
  Root canal therapy is a procedure that removes damaged or dead tissue. The canal is reshaped to prevent a recurrence of the ailment and filled with "Gutta-percha", a rubber substance. The tooth is permanently closed.

   Root canal treatment what does it include?
  If your dentist recommends root canal treatment, he or she will refer you to an endodontist who specializes in the treatment of dental diseases, infections and disorders; who is at your service at our clininc DENTAWORLD .

The area of the tooth that opens towards the infected root canal in the root ring is cleaned and reshaped from the entire infection. Drugs can be placed in this area to combat bacteria. According to the condition of the tooth or outer channel can be closed temporarily to protect you have not the dentist immediately fill. Temporary fillings are usually removed and the canal with the self-ring can be filled at the next examination.

   How do I feel after treatment?
  There may be some inflammation in the gum tissue that causes discomfort for several days. This discomfort can be controlled with pain relievers sold without prescription. To follow the healing of dental tissue, your doctor may ask for several examinations. After this point, clean with regular brushing and flossing, avoid chewing hard foods on the treated tooth, and as for the external cleaning and inspection hekimiz neutrons must see.

Root canal treatment alternative?
The only alternative to root canal treatment is to pull the tooth, but this is not a crouching treatment. Although a simple shot may cost less, it can cost more than root canal treatment, as the space left empty will require a bridge or implant.