Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


  All surgical procedures performed in our clinic are performed by our specialist doctors of Maxillofacial Surgery.

   Oral surgery involves surgical procedures that involve exctacting lesions , usually seen in the teeth, jawbone, sinuses, gums and oral mucosa.

   The surgical treatments that we routinely perform in our clinic are implant applications, extraction of exfoliated and embedded teeth, apical resection, root resection, cyst operations, raising of sinus base, fracture treatment, bone ogmentations and graft applications, vestibule deepening, gingival laughing line arrangement.


   These applications are performed under local anesthesia after biopsy from the relevant area if necessary from the clinical and radiographic examination of the relevant area. After about 7-10 days, the sutures in the relevant area are taken in a short time and patients are called to check for certain periods.

Some of the treatments performed in the Department of oral and Maxillofacial diseases and surgery in Dentaworld clinic are :

  •  Tooth extraction

  •  Extraction of embedded teeth

  • Root tip resection

  • Implant operations

  • Treatment of jaw fractures

  • Orthodontic surgery

  • Maxillary sinus-related operations

  •  Treatment of tumor and tumor-like lesions of mouth and surrounding tissues

  • The treatment of salivary gland diseases

  •  Treatment of jaw-face pain and temporamandibular joint disorders

  • Preparation of mouth prosthesis as a result of preprotetic (pre-prosthetic) surgical applications

  • Treatment of cysts in the jaw and surrounding tissues

  • Treatment of odontogenic infections (dental inflammation)


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