Pediatric Dentistry

        All child health and diseases diagnosis and treatment planning is carried out by our pedodontics specialist doctors.

       Paedodontics is the branch of dentistry that is responsible for the protection, diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental health of infants, children, adolescents and disabled patients.

The Pedodontist undertakes the treatment of all dental problems from the birth of the child to adolescence.

    The Pedodontist is trained in the Department of pedodontics for a further four years after a five-year dentistry training.

   The Pedodontist provides dental brushing training to parents from the sixth month when the child's teeth begin to come out, and follows the child's dental development with routine checks every 6 months. In this context, both milk and permanent teeth, topical fluoride application and fissure coverers with the protection of decay, the treatment of the resulting decay, finger sucking, lip sucking, wrong swallowing, such as diagnosis and treatment of bad habits are included.

    The first task of milk teeth is to ensure the proper nutrition of the child. The proper development of speech also depends on the presence of milk teeth. If you are looking for a permanent dental implant, you may want to use a dental implant to replace the missing teeth.


     The first dentist experience of children is an important period in which they do not forget for life and perhaps their opinions and thoughts about dentists are shaped. This important period, communication with children, diagnosis, treatment of people who have received training and experienced help, will contribute to your child's development of positive attitude towards dentistry and thoughts. The important thing for a pedodontist is to perform a successful treatment in an environment where the child feels safe and happy.