Dental Braces (Orthodontics) Treatment
In our clinic, all dental (orthodontic) treatments are performed by our orthodontic specialist doctor.

Aesthetic Brackets
   Ultra-small translucent brackets are made of an innovative, ceramic material that gives an attractive appearance. Minimises soft tissue contact. It is designed to match a person's natural tooth colour and provides effective patient comfort by countering spotting and colour degradation throughout the patient's treatment.

 Lingual Orthodontics
 Orthodontic appliances are attached to the back surface of the teeth.

   Invisalign Treatment
    Orthodontic treatment with transparent plaques is seen. It can be removed and fitted at any time.

  Treatment Of Jaw Joint Diseases

   Muscle sensitivity and pain, jaw movements change and restriction, joint sounds, slipping in the mouth, breaking the chewing order and mouth is covered by the treatments of inability to open.

  Orthopedic jaw problems and orthognathic surgery

   It covers the diagnosis and treatment of disorders such as the front or back of the jawbone by digital methods.